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Wordpress with added SSMTP support.
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Wordpress with added SSMTP support.

This container wraps wordpress:4.5.2, with added ssmtp. SSMTP adds a simple smtp proxy so that you can recieve emails from the container without a full MTA install.

Run the container

You can run the container as documented for wordpress, but with the addition of ssmtp settings. Any environment settings starting with SSMTP_ wil be added to the ssmtp.conf file. This exmple sends emails for ids<1000 to a gmail account:

docker run -d \
-e \
-e \
-e SSMTP_hostname=thishost \
-e SSMTP_FromLineOverride=NO \
-e \
-e SSMTP_AuthPass=mypass \
--name wordpress neiltheblue/ssmtp-wordpress

You can test this in a runing container with:

docker exec -ti wordpress /bin/bash

Then enter:

sendmail root

This will send a test email to your specified gmail account.

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