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Nothing too crazy here, and it's my first docker work. It's a bro setup, including extra file extract scripts from git://

The Dockerfile is here

To use it this image:

docker pull nelsondev/bro
docker run -i -t -v /path/to/my/pcap:/pcaps:rw nelsondev/bro bro -C -r /pcaps/my.pcap local

where the mount point is the full path to a directory containing the pcap you want analyzed, and the file under -r/pcaps/ is the pcap you want analyzed (which is under /path/to/my/pcap, locally).

After the run, the directory containing your pcap will contain everything bro found -- logs of all the various traffic, a sub-directory called extract_files that has all the files bro found in the pcap, like http, ftp, smb, etc.

Heavily inspired by, which I would have used as a baseline if I knew docker better.

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