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Docker image with the samplestore archetype in it.
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For more information about this image and its history, please see the relevant manifest file in the samplestore archetype(src/main/docker/Dockerfile). This image is maintained by the Nemesis Software team (

How to use this image

Required images

The Nemesis Platform ( requires a database, a redis server and a search server (by default solr). So before you create a new image please make sure you spin the required images:

  • docker run --name burton-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=admin -e MYSQL_DATABASE=samplestore -e MYSQL_USER=burton -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=burt0n -d mysql:5.6
  • docker run --name burton-redis -d redis
  • docker run --name burton-solr -d -p 8983:8983 -t solr

Create search indexes

Next create the following search indexes:

  • docker exec -it burton-solr bin/solr create_core -c products
  • docker exec -it burton-solr bin/solr create_core -c stores
  • docker exec -it burton-solr bin/solr create_core -c content

Spin the nemesis image

Finally you can run the nemesis image and link it to the required images with the following command:

  • docker run -p 8111:8111 -p 8112:8112 --name burton-app --link burton-mysql:mysql --link burton-redis:redis --link burton-solr:solr -d nemesis/samplestore

Initialize the database

You can tail the logs of the image:
docker logs -f burton-app
and wait until it's finished before you initialize the database:
curl -k -X POST http://nemesis:nemesis@localhost:8111/platform/database/init

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