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SpiderOak Client
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SpiderOak Client

Used for headless backup/sync of important files with the SpiderOak service.


Docker Remote API v1.14 (Docker v1.2.x) or greater is required to discover mounted volumes.


Launch a container from the image with /var/run/docker.sock mounted as /docker.sock,
this enables auto-detection of other mounted volumes to backup/sync.
Regular SpiderOak options and parameters are supported.


$ docker run -it \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/docker.sock:ro \
    --volumes-from=archive \

Settings / configuration

The regular --setup command is available for use, but included are also two
complimentary commands which might be helpful when setting up your account.
If settings should be persisted across container re-creation, a VOLUME
/spideroak may be mounted.


Used to check if a proper configuration exists. Exits with zero if a configuration
exists, otherwise non-zero.


May be used to specify configuration for device setup on the command line.

$ docker run ... neochrome/spideroak \
    configure \
        --user <username> \
        --password <password> \
        --device-name <device name> \

If no existing device is found, a new one is created unless --no-create is specified.

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