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Installs Solarflare's OpenOnload userspace networking stack into various OS flavors.
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docker-onload provides a Dockerfile which installs Solarflare's OpenOnload into various OS flavors. Find it on the Docker Hub:

See changes in the CHANGELOG.

Supported Docker Hub tags and respective Dockerfile links

  • centos-nozf (centos/Dockerfile)
  • precise-nozf (precise/Dockerfile)
  • stretch-nozf (stretch/Dockerfile)
  • trusty-nozf (trusty/Dockerfile)
  • xenial-nozf (xenial/Dockerfile)
  • bionic-nozf (bionic/Dockerfile)
  • 201805-centos-nozf
  • 201805-precise-nozf
  • 201805-trusty-nozf
  • 201805-stretch-nozf
  • 201805-xenial-nozf
  • 201805-bionic-nozf
  • 201710-u1.1-centos-nozf
  • 201710-u1.1-precise-nozf
  • 201710-u1.1-trusty-nozf
  • 201710-u1.1-stretch-nozf
  • 201710-u1.1-xenial-nozf
  • 201710-u1.1-bionic-nozf
  • 201710-u1-centos-nozf
  • 201710-u1-precise-nozf
  • 201710-u1-trusty-nozf
  • 201710-u1-stretch-nozf
  • 201710-u1-xenial-nozf
  • 201710-centos-nozf
  • 201710-precise-nozf
  • 201710-trusty-nozf
  • 201710-stretch-nozf
  • 201710-xenial-nozf
  • 201606-u1.3-centos-nozf
  • 201606-u1.3-precise-nozf
  • 201606-u1.3-trusty-nozf
  • 201606-u1.3-xenial-nozf
  • 201606-u1.2-centos-nozf
  • 201606-u1.2-precise-nozf
  • 201606-u1.2-trusty-nozf
  • 201606-u1.2-xenial-nozf
  • 201606-u1.1-centos-nozf
  • 201606-u1.1-precise-nozf
  • 201606-u1.1-trusty-nozf
  • 201606-u1.1-xenial-nozf
  • 201606-u1-centos-nozf
  • 201606-u1-precise-nozf
  • 201606-u1-trusty-nozf
  • 201606-u1-xenial-nozf
  • 201606-centos
  • 201606-precise
  • 201606-trusty
  • 201606-xenial
  • 201509-u1-centos
  • 201509-u1-precise
  • 201509-u1-trusty
  • 201509-u1-xenial

NOTE Since version 201606-u1, Docker Hub hosts images tagged as a -nozf variant. These are built from Dockerfile without ONLOAD_WITHZF set, thus without support for TCPDirect (aka ZF).

Launching Onload-enabled containers

For OpenOnload versions >= 201606, to expose the host and onload to this container, run like so:

docker run --net=host --device=/dev/onload --device=/dev/onload_epoll --device=/dev/onload_cplane -it ONLOAD_ENABLED_IMAGE_ID [COMMAND] [ARG...]

For OpenOnload versions < 201606, to expose the host and onload to this container, run like so:

docker run --net=host --device=/dev/onload --device=/dev/onload_epoll -it ONLOAD_ENABLED_IMAGE_ID [COMMAND] [ARG...]

The difference is that version 201606 introduced the device /dev/onload_cplane.

Here's a bash one-liner for extracting the OpenOnload version year:
onload --version | awk 'NR == 1 {print substr($2, 1, 4)}'


  • Host networking must be used: --net=host

  • The following devices must be exported: --device=/dev/onload --device=/dev/onload_epoll --device=/dev/onload_cplane

  • The host's onload --version must be the same as the container's.

  • Stack Sharing: If a container and the host must share an Onload stack, both should use EF_SHARE_WITH=-1 to avoid a current limitation in OpenOnload. Note this disables the stack sharing security feature.

  • Due to a current limitation with OpenOnload, you should run with EF_USE_HUGE_PAGES=0 if you share Onload stacks.


In OpenOnload 201606-u1, Solarflare introducted a new kernel-bypass networking API named TCPDirect.

To run TCPDirect applications in a container, an addition device must be exported:

TCPDirect is under a different license than OpenOnload; its binaries may not be distributed.
Thus, we have introduced a -nozf variant for images hosted on Docker Hub.

You are free to build and deploy TCPDirect-enabled images yourself with the regular Dockerfiles.
To do so, set the build argument ONLOAD_WITHZF to a non-empty string (the Dockerfile checks [ -z ${ONLOAD_WITHZF} ]).
For example:

git clone
cd docker-onload
docker build --build-arg ONLOAD_WITHZF=1 -f xenial/Dockerfile -t neomantra/onload:201606-u1-xenial .


Dockerfiles are provided for the following base systems, selecting the Dockerfile path with -f:

Each system folder has a Dockerfile.

The following are the available build-time options. They can be set using the --build-arg CLI argument, like so:

docker build --build-arg ONLOAD_VERSION="201509" --build-arg ONLOAD_MD5SUM="b093ea9f3a534c9c9fe9da6c2b6ccb7a" -f trusty/Dockerfile .

The Dockerfile downloads specific versions from using the following ARG settings:

Key Default Description
ONLOAD_VERSION "201805" The version of OpenOnload to download.
ONLOAD_MD5SUM "cbc523076c63b61fc853094a9af25e56" The MD5 checksum of the download.
ONLOAD_WITHZF Set to non-empty to include TCPDirect.

If you change the ONLOAD_VERSION, you must also change ONLOAD_MD5SUM to match. Note that Docker is only supported by OpenOnload since version 201502.


Copyright (c) 2018 Neomantra BV

Released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.txt

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