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Base neonCLUSTER NODE.JS image.
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Base neonCLUSTER node.js image.

Image Tags

Images are tagged with the Git branch, image build date, and Git commit. The most recent production build will be tagged as latest.

From time-to-time you may see images tagged like :BRANCH-* where BRANCH identifies the Git source branch where the image was built from. These images are used for internal development purposes only and should not be used production as they may not actually work and may also be removed or updated at any time.


This base image deploys a simple service that listens on port 80 and "Hello World!" to the output.

You may also specify a custom output string by passing one as the OUTPUT environment variable. This can be useful for setting up simple services to test HAProxy or Nginx configurations.

Derived images can overwrite the /program.js and / files as necessary.

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