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Kizuna AI - The second instance of MusicBot/TechnoDJ
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Sigma and Kizuna AI: Two instances of MusicBot/TechnoDJ

MusicBot is a Discord music bot written in Python. It plays requested songs and if the queue becomes empty it will play through a list of existing songs.

This is a fork of MusicBot, w/ new commands and thumbnail support.


adjnouobsref for the command to lock.
Artanys for the commands to promote, playnow, repeat, and remove, and the thumbnail support.


  • %promote - Move a song to the front of the queue
  • %playnow - Instaplay a song regardless if there is a queue or not
  • %remove - Remove a song from the queue
  • %lock/unlock - Lock/Unlock the queue
  • %repeat - Cycle through repeat options
  • %sub - Substitute a song already in the queue with another song. Can do this at any position
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