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Provides a plain-text version of a tweet
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Provides a plain-text version of a given tweet.


The following configuration settings need to be present as environment variables:

export TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY=********

Then, the web app can be started:

$ rackup

Now we can show the plaintext version of a tweet, passing its id:

$ curl localhost:9292/702813031701487617


plaintweet can run in a Docker container. Deploy it with the following steps:

  1. The image is built from the git repo and tagged as nerab/plaintweet.

    If you want to build the image yourself:

    $ docker build -t nerab/plaintweet
  2. Run the container; it expects the configuration settings to be passed as environment variables:

    $ docker-compose up -d

    If you are using additional production settings (e.g. trafik as a front-end), add an overlay file like docker-compose-prod.yml and run this instead:

    $ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose-prod.yml up -d
  3. Test the service (assuming that you use docker-machine with a machine name of default):

    $ curl $(docker-machine ip default)/702813031701487617
    "Heroku sent me Ruby's birthday cake. Thank you." -- @yukihiro_matz auf #twitter


As usual, run bundle install. In addition to the web app, a simple command line client provides similar functionality:

$ plaintweet 702813031701487617

Re-build the Docker image

  1. Configure the docker connection. Follow the steps to get started with Docker Machine and a local VM if you do not have a docker host set up yet.

  2. Build a local docker image:

    docker build --tag nerab/plaintweet:latest .
  3. Run the container as described above.

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