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Beautiful Docker image for Backend WS
Full Description

Backend Trends Workshop

Workshop at Agile Search for Smarp [12.05.2016]

  • Create your code (see example: src/server.go)
  • Create Docker file (see example: Dockerfile)
  • Push it to Github/Bitbucket
  • Create Automated Build on
  • Either push some changes or manually trigger the build
  • Check build status
  • Pull docker image docker pull <username>/<name_docker>
  • Set port forwarding
Load Balancer with NGINX
Network of Pods with Kubernetes
  • Create service (SVC) - (see example: backendWS_service.yaml)
    • kubectl create -f backendWS_service.yaml
  • Create Replication Controller (RC) - (see example: backendWS_replicationCtrl.yaml)
    • kubectl create -f backendWS_replicationCtrl.yaml
  • Setup Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA)
    • kubectl autoscale rc backend-ws --min=1 --max=5 --cpu-percent=50


Docker Pull Command
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