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Exhibitor managed Zookeeper NetflixOSS container image
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What is netflixoss/exhibitor?

This is a container of the NetflixOSS Exhibitor service.

Please see the ZeroToDocker project for more details.

Please see the Exhibitor github project for specific details on the service.

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Please raise all issues on the ZeroToDocker github project.

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If you have other NetflixOSS Dockerfiles you'd like to contribute, please submit a pull request to the ZeroToDocker github project.

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3 years ago

Question now: So what should I set as the hostname if I want to run multiple servers? I'm using S3 shared config, and I'm setting the hostname to the public IP of the server.

What I'm observing is the zookeepers come up and green, then over the past 5 mins enter in a yellow not serving state. I think this is because exhibitor is figuring everything out and updating the server list automatically... Hoping these servers come back green soon. Is this normal?

Using docker, how do I ensure the ensemble gets setup correctly? Would be helpful if someone added an example run through.

3 years ago

This seems great. Anyone have any comments on how well this works compared to installing without docker?