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Docker Image for OpenNMS
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Docker Image for OpenNMS

This Image is part of the NETHINKS OpenNMS Docker environment. Please have a look at the Github project, to get further informations.

It provides OpenNMS itself, an open souce network management plattform.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be used:

Variable Description
DB_SERVER initial setting for database server. default: dbserver
DB_USER initial setting for database user name. default: postgres
DB_PASSWORD initial setting for database password. default: secret
ENABLE_NEWTS trigger the initialization of the newts database. default: false

Exporting Ports

No ports are exported by default, but the following ports may be interesting for exporting:

Port Description
162 SNMP traps
514 Syslog messages
5817 OpenNMS Eventd
8980 OpenNMS WebUI (HTTP)
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