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NethServer Web UI Demo
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NethServer Docker Demo

This is a demo of NethServer running on a Docker container. The only
working part is the web interface. No installed module will work.

To start the container: ::

docker run -p 8080:980 nethserver/docker-demo

The command keeps the process on foreground. Type ^C to stop it.

To access the web interface (Server Manager) point your browser to: ::


Use root as user name and the well-known password, Nethesis,1234.

If you like to see what is under the hood, run Bash: ::

docker run -i -t --entrypoint='/bin/bash' nethserver/docker-demo

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3 months ago

Updated demo to ns7

8 months ago

As the image is still not available you can build it using the sources from github.

For this to work you need to have git and docker installed (on linux).

git clone
cd docker-demo
docker build -t nethserver/docker-demo ./
docker run -p 8080:980 nethserver/docker-demo

9 months ago

Error response from daemon: manifest for nethserver/docker-demo:latest not found