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Mini API wrapping Stripes Subscriptions for Single Page Aps and JAMstack sites
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This acts as a proxy to stripe. It exposes a very simple way to call stripe's subscription endpoints.

Netlify Subscriptions is released under the MIT License.
Please make sure you understand its implications and guarantees.


All of the endpoints rely on a JWT token. We will use the user ID set in that token for the user information to stripe.

It relies on a JWTClaims that has these extra fields:

    "groups": [],
    "id": "",
    "email": ""

The API as is:

GET /subscriptions -- list all the subscptions for the user

This endpoint will return a list of subscriptions, but also a JWT token with the memberships added to the 'groups'
in the format: 'subs.<type>.<plan>'

These endpoints are all grouped by a type of subscription. For instance if you have a membership type with
plan levels gold, silver, and bronze.

GET /subscriptions/:type
POST /subscriptions/:type
DELETE /subscriptions/:type

The POST endpoint takes a payload like so

        "stripe_key": "xxxxx",
        "plan": "silver"

Using this endpoint will create the plan if it doesn't exist, otherwise it will change the subscription to that plan.
The other responses are defined in api/subscriptions.go.

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