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Dockerized ASCII Star Wars
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Test your Docker install, demo docker or pop some popcorn and watch an ASCII remaster of Star Wars :p

  • Start the movie with the following:
docker run -it --rm networkstatic/star_wars

Use ctrl^c to break the movie session.


Nmap is a perenial favorite for security fuzzing.

A couple of example usages:

  • Run the nmap --help to view port scanning options.
docker run -it --rm networkstatic/nmap --help
  • Scan for open ssh (tcp/22) ports on a range of IPs
docker run -it --rm networkstatic/nmap -sT -p 22


This is an example of a simple change to the static Nginx index.html page. Replace the default index.html with some funs ascii art.

  • Run and listen on port 8080 with the following:
docker run -it --rm  -p 8080:80 networkstatic/nginx_kittah


Fping for network testing. It's ping on steroids.

docker run -it --rm networkstatic/fping -help


For fun testing

docker run -it --rm networkstatic/nyan_cat

More Networking Examples

I help maintain a curated list of networking related Dockerized tools at

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