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Biological neuronal network simulations with Python
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Biological neuronal network simulations with Python

What it gives you

  • shell environment with NEST 2.14, NEURON 7.5, and PyNN 0.9 installed.
  • The Python 2.7 version provides Brian 1.4, the Python 3.4 version provides Brian 2.
  • IPython, scipy, matplotlib and OpenMPI are also installed.
  • use directly or as a base for your own project-specific Docker images.

Basic use

The following command starts a container with the bash shell, running as user docker,
in a Python virtual environment named "neurosci"

docker run -i -t neuralensemble/simulation /bin/bash

after which you can run simulations with Python and MPI. This will use Python 3.4 as the Python version; if you'd prefer Python 2.7 use:

docker run -i -t neuralensemble/simulation:py2 /bin/bash

Note that this image does not provide an X11 graphical environment, so GUI tools will not work;
use the neuralensemble/simulationx image if you need X11.

Docker Hub

More information on the various images which have been released can be found at:

Documentation for simulators

For documentation of the simulation tools installed in the image, see

Docker Pull Command