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Neverbland's PHP image.
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This image is always based on Alpine 3.3.

Extra tools

There are a few tools (ash scripts) available to ease some cumbersome common tasks.
They sit in /usr/local/bin so you can use them as commands in your RUN or scripts.
Angled brackets mean mandatory arguments, square brackets are optional;
within the square brackets the default will be given as well.


Simply makes sure that the list of extensions in /etc/php/mods is up to date.
Removes missing extensions, adds new ones.
Does not enable or disable any (unless they're missing, in which case they're disabled).


enable_ext <extension name> [priority=20] [target=both]

Enables the given extension (name of the ini file!) with the given priority for the given target(s).
target can be one of both, cli or fpm if provided.


disable_ext <extension name> [target=both]

Disables the given extension. target can be one of both, cli or fpm if provided.


install_phar <name> <url>

Installs the PHAR from url as /usr/local/bin/<name> to make them globally available.
Captain Obvious' example would be composer: install_phar composer


compile_ext [-b [branch=master]] <extension name> <repo URL> [./configure options]

Performs the standard compilation scripts common (below) for most PHP extensions in a single command.
Optionally lets you provide extra configure options or a branch to use.

git clone
cd php-ext
make install

As an example, this is actually used in the build scripts as well (something about dogfood).
Here's the usage for xdebug for example:

compile_ext -b master xdebug \ \





By default, we have the following extensions compiled and ready to be used in all PHP versions.
The first cross marks whether they're also enabled on the CLI,
second whether they're enabled for FPM.


  • [X] [X] opcache
  • [X] [X] pdo
  • [X] [X] curl
  • [ ] [ ] dba
  • [ ] [ ] enchant
  • [X] [X] gd
  • [X] [X] gmp
  • [ ] [ ] imap
  • [X] [X] intl
  • [ ] [ ] ldap
  • [X] [X] mcrypt
  • [X] [X] memcached
  • [X] [X] mysqli
  • [ ] [ ] odbc
  • [ ] [ ] pdo_dblib
  • [X] [X] pdo_mysql
  • [ ] [ ] pdo_odbc
  • [ ] [ ] pdo_pgsql
  • [ ] [ ] pdo_sqlite
  • [ ] [ ] pgsql
  • [X] [X] redis
  • [ ] [ ] snmp
  • [ ] [ ] sqlite3
  • [ ] [ ] xdebug

ZTS (in addition to all of the above):

  • [X] [ ] pthreads
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