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SSH in the dark
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This challenge has been moved to docker and can be ran by simply building and
running the container. There is a issue with the librarys for rbash and
automating the install to the chroot environment. If you recieve an error such
as File /bin/rbash not found then you need to update the liraries.

See the section Add shared libs required by rbash for information about how
to install the libraries.

The details on the manual install for the raspi is left included for the sake
of documentation.

To run

docker build -t darkarc .
docker run -p 2200:22 -tid darkarc

RaspberryPi In the Dark (rbash) Server

As root immediately after flashing with

Update system and go do something else for a while

pacman -Syu  

Add an administrative user

pacman -S sudo
useradd -d /home/socialgeek -G wheel -m -s /usr/bin/bash socialgeek 
  • Uncomment line in /etc/sudoers that allows wheel to use sudo
  • Edit /etc/shells and add /usr/bin/bash

SSH Configuration for public keys

  • Uncommented "PubkeyAuthentication yes" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  • Made sure that "PermitRootLogin no" is set
  • Add your public ssh keys to /home/socialgeek/.ssh/authorized_keys

Restart sshd service

sudo systemctl restart sshd  

Verify SSH config and login as administrator

Disable Root Account

    sudo passwd -l root

Some developer/comfort tools

sudo pacman -S vim nmap netcat git base-devel screen

Create Sandboxed user

sudo ln /bin/bash /bin/rbash
sudo groupadd sandbox
sudo useradd -g sandbox -G users -m -s /bin/rbash hacker
sudo passwd hacker   # (h@x0r)

Creating the CHROOT Enviroment

Create Folder Structure

sudo mkdir -p /sandbox/{bin,lib,user/lib,dev,home/hacker}
sudo mknod /sandbox/dev/null c 1 3
sudo mknod /sandbox/dev/zero c 1 5
sudo chmod 0666 /sandbox/dev/{zero,null}
sudo chown root:root /sandbox/home/hacker
sudo chmod 655 /sandobx/home/hacker

Add rbash to sandbox (make sure the bin name is rbash)

sudo cp -p /bin/bash /sandbox/bin/rbash

Add shared libs required by rbash

ldd /bin/bash
# parse list and ajust the following as required
# Replace x with the correct version number
sudo cp -p /usr/lib/{,,,,} /lib/ /sandbox/lib
sudo ln /sandbox/lib/{,,,,} /sandbox/usr/lib/

Add Rbash to shell list

  • Add /bin/rbash to /etc/shells

Lockdown SSH and configure SSH Sandbox

  • Uncomment Protocal 2
  • Set PasswordAuthentication no
  • Add the following to the bottom
    Match Group sandbox
    PasswordAuthentication yes
    ChrootDirectory /sandbox/
    AllowTcpForwarding no

Reload SSH

sudo systemctl restart sshd

Add the key to the directory

sudo su
cat >> /sandbox/home/hacker/secret << EOF
echo key: < .. key .. >
chmod +x /sandbox/home/hacker/secret

Add ~ to the path statment via bash_profile

sudo su
cat >> /sandbox/home/hacker/.bash_profile << EOF
[[ -f ~/.bashrc ]] && . ~/.bashrc

export PATH=$PATH:/home/hacker
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