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Public beta image for New Relic's Linux Server Monitor
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Please note that this repository is in an early beta state and has several known issues

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What's in this image?

This image contains improved CoreOS beta support for running New Relic's free Linux Server Monitor (LSM) in a docker container.

For more information, please visit New Relic's [Server Monitoring] ( page.

##Running from the Command Line##
The following run command works on CoreOS 1.6 after replacing REPLACE_WITH_REAL_KEY with your own New Relic license key. To obtain a key, please [sign up] ( for New Relic services.

docker run -d \
--privileged=true --name nrsysmond \
--pid=host \
--net=host \
-v /sys:/sys \
-v /dev:/dev \
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
-v /var/log:/var/log:rw \
-e NRSYSMOND_logfile=/var/log/nrsysmond.log \

Please note for Docker versions 1.5 and below the '--pid=host' flag is not supported. You will instead need to replace that line with '-v /proc:/proc \'

##Optional Arguments##
There are a number of other optional settings that control the operation of the Server Monitoring. The run command takes takes all those settings as -e parameters.

The [New Relic Linux Server configuration page] ( lists all the other settings.

To create an environment variable for a setting, prepend NRSYSMOND_ to its name. For example,


translates to

-e NRSYSMOND_loglevel=debug

If you use fleetctl to manage a number of CoreOS nodes, you can use the sample service file docker.service to setup monitoring on multiple CoreOS machines. Thefile will need to be edited to insert your New Relic license key.

For more information on how to set up and run a fleetctl service , please refer to the CoreOS cluster management [documentation] (

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