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Swagger application customized to function in a docker container and designed for Nexenta Edge
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Nexenta Edge Swagger Docker Container


Nexenta Edge Swagger is an interface to Nexenta Edge REST API.

For more information on Swagger visit

Nexenta provides a Swagger front-end to the NexentaEdge management REST API.
Using the browser based Swagger interface, you can configure and retrieve information about the NexentaEdge cluster.


  1. Install Docker onto you system
    For Docker Linux systems configuration and installation refer to DockerDocs

  2. Pull nexenta/nedge-swagger Docker image from dockerhub using command:
    $docker pull nexenta/nedge-swagger

Run Instructions

$ docker run -p 80:8080 nexenta/nedge-swagger

Opening Swagger in browser

In browser address bar type:
http://<docker host IP>/dist/index.html

In the URL field, enter:
http://<management IP>:8080/v2/swagger.json

<management IP> is the IP of NexentaEdge management node.

In the Username/password fields, enter NexentaEdge management user credentials.

Stop Instruction

$ Docker ps
$ Docker stop <Container ID>

Docker Pull Command