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Container-converged data services, base image for NexentaEdge DevOps Edition
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NexentaEdge DevOps Edition

Fast, feature rich and easy to use File, Block and Object storage for your Cloud-Native Applications. It is designed to make use of off the shelf storage and networking infrastructure and present it as enterprise grade SDS (Software-Defined Storage) solution.

NexentaEdge deployed as containers on physical or virtual hosts, pooling allocated storage capacity and presenting it for consumption by applications. NexentaEdge designed with High-Performance and Data Reduction in mind. It provides best in class throughput and latency characteristics while saving overall allocated space with built-in in-line global De-Duplication, Compression and off-line Erasure Encoding.

*NexentaEdge is ideal solution if you want to consolidate multiple data protocol multi-tenant access into one shared fabric with globally enabled deduplication and compression across all the high-level protocols:

  • AWS compatible S3 object protocol
  • EdgeX-S3 - NexentaEdge specific extensions (RW objects, Snapshots/Clones, NOSQL K/V Database, and more)
  • OpenStack SWIFT object protocol
  • iSCSI with Active/Passive HA
  • NFSv3 with Active/Passive HA and horizontally Scale-Out
  • NBD - Native Block Device (no iSCSI overhead, connected directly to Replicast backend network)

Key benefits to consider:

  • Easy of use with advanced CLI and nice GUI
  • Enhanced data integrity, availability and reliability with state of the art Cloud scale Copy-on-Write ("CCOW") architecture and design
  • Global In-Line Deduplication an compression across all supported storage protocols
  • Predictable latency and performance with Dynamic Data Placement and Location independent data chunk Retrieval
  • Enhanced security with guaranteed immutability at all levels: metadata and data chunks and built-in Encryption
  • Scalable Global Namespace without the need for dedicated Metadata Servers
  • Multi-Tenancy and QoS across all supported storage protocols
  • High-Performance Erasure Encoding with close to zero, off-line impact on frontend write and read I/O

Learn more at community website.

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