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🐳 Dockerized Version of SuiteCRM 👔
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How to use this image

Running with Docker Compose

SuteCRM will run in it own container. And MySQL will run in it own container and there is a data-only container for MySQL.

  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose
  2. Run docker-compose up from the root of this project.
  3. Access http://{docker_host}:8080 from your web browser to finish setting up SuiteCRM.

Running with Docker Run

If you already have MySQL installed or want to use a platform service like Amazon RDS, you can run the SuiteCRM container seperately using Docker run. To set up SuiteCRM using this approach, please do the following:

  1. Install Docker
  2. Run docker run --name some-suitecrm -e DB_HOST_NAME=yourhostname -e DATABASE_NAME=yourdatabasename -e DB_USER_NAME=yourusername -e DB_PASSWORD=yourpassword -e DB_TYPE=mysql -e DB_TCP_PORT=3306 -e DB_MANAGER=MysqlManager -p 2080:80 -d nextindex/docker-suitecrm
  3. Access http://{docker_host}:2080 from your web browser to finish setting up SuiteCRM.

Running with Rancher

If you want to run SuiteCRM in Rancher, use the docker-compose-rancher.yml
There is only one difference, the dbdata container is labeled as a rancher sidekick, to work properly.

Docker Pull Command

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