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ingest-admin Docker

This can be used to start a spring-xd admin node.

Docker Compose

Use the docker-compose.yml file to start up mysql, redis, and xd-admin in one command. Example:

MYSQL_PASSWORD=admin ZK_HOST_IP= KAFKA_HOST_IP= docker-compose up

MYSQL_PASSWORD sets the password for a new MySQL user called xd when the MySQL database is initialized.
ZK_HOST_IP must be set to a valid IP address of a zookeeper host that will be used to manage Spring XD.
KAFKA_HOST_IP must be set to a valid IP address of a kafka broker that will be used for the transport layer of Spring XD

Docker Run

This container relies on 4 external services that must already be running: MySQL, Redis, Zookeeper, and Kafka.

To start the server use:

docker run -it \
-e "MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP_ADDR=mysqldb" -e "MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP_PORT=3306" \
-e "MYSQL_USER=xd" -e "MYSQL_PASSWORD=admin" \
-e "REDIS_ADDR=redis" -e "REDIS_PORT=6397" \
-e "ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT=zkhost:2181" -e "ZOOKEEPER_XD_CHROOT=springxd" \
-e "KAFKA_BROKERS=kafka1:9092" -e "KAFKA_ZKADDRESS=zkhost:2181/kafka"
--add-host="zkhost:" \
--name xd-admin nexusjpl/ingest-admin

This mode requires a number of Environment Variables to be defined.


Address to a running MySQL service


Port for running MySQL service


Username to connnect to MySQL service


Password for connecting to MySQL service


Zookeeper connect string. Can be a comma-delimmited list of host:port values.


Zookeeper root node for spring-xd


Address to a running Redis service


Port for running Redis service


Comma-delimmited list of host:port values which define the list of Kafka brokers used for transport.


Specifies the ZooKeeper connection string in the form hostname:port where host and port are the host and port of a ZooKeeper server.

The server may also have a ZooKeeper chroot path as part of its ZooKeeper connection string which puts its data under some path in the global ZooKeeper namespace. If so the consumer should use the same chroot path in its connection string. For example to give a chroot path of /chroot/path you would give the connection string as hostname1:port1,hostname2:port2,hostname3:port3/chroot/path.

XD Shell

Using Docker Exec

Once the xd-admin container is running you can use docker exec to start an XD Shell that communicates with the xd-admin server:

docker exec -it xd-admin xd-shell

Using Standalone Container

You can use the springxd shell docker image to start a seperate container running XD shell connected to the xd-admin server:

docker run -it --network container:xd-admin springxd/shell
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