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Arch Linux: Package and database builder
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Arch Linux: Package and Database Builder

Builds packages based on PKGBUILD.


  • Initialize data container:

    docker create --name='builder_data' nfnty/arch-builder --gpginit
    docker start builder_data
  • Check the logs for public key that can be imported on clients for package validation:

    docker logs builder_data
  • All packages and database are stored in builder_data persistent storage under /builder/pkgdest. Retrieve path by issuing:

    docker inspect --format='{{ (index .Volumes "/builder/pkgdest") }}' builder_data
  • Build yaourt and remove container afterwards:

    docker run --rm --volumes-from='builder_data' nfnty/arch-builder --aur yaourt
  • Create persistent container that builds ranger-git from my git repo nfnty/pkgbuilds and adds it to the database nfnty:

    docker run --volumes-from='builder_data' --name='builder_ranger-git' nfnty/arch-builder \
        --git '' --db 'nfnty' --path 'ranger-git'
  • Now if ranger-git PKGBUILD has been updated or a recompilation is wanted:

    docker start builder_ranger-git


usage: [-h]
                  (--aur NAME | --git URL | --local PATH | --remote URL | --gpginit | --dbreset | --pkgcleanup)
                  [--db NAME] [--path PATH] [--pathfind NAME] [--noclean]
                  [--nosign] [--noforce] [--removeold] [--repackage]

Arch package build script

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  --aur NAME       Build from AUR
  --git URL        Build from remote git repository
  --local PATH     Build from local path
  --remote URL     Build from remote PKGBUILD or archive
  --gpginit        Initialize GPG in /var/lib/builder/gnupg
  --dbreset        Reset database
  --pkgcleanup     Remove packages not in database
  --db NAME        Create database in pkgdest root
  --path PATH      Relative path to PATH_PKGBUILD directory
  --pathfind NAME  Package name to find
  --noclean        No builddir cleaning
  --nosign         No package/database signing
  --noforce        No overwriting current package
  --removeold      Remove old package after build
  --repackage      Only run package()
  --noprepare      Do not run prepare()


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