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This image is intended to be used with nfqlt/docker vagrant box and other nfqlt docker images.
Other use scenarios might work but are not tested yet.


This is supervisor installation on top of php70-cli image. Via env vars you
can set your config path and enable http interface for child monitoring.

To get most of this image use these settings in your job configs:

  • user=project so that files created by this job could be accessed via
    network share and/or your IDE.
  • stdout_logfile=/dev/stdout so that all output of child processes could
    be visible in docker terminal.
  • stderr_logfile=/dev/stderr see above.
  • stdout_logfile_maxbytes=0 this is required for logging to console to
    prevent supervisor from doing seek on log files.
  • stderr_logfile_maxbytes=0 see above


Startup script will wait for this dir to be present before starting

default value: /etc/supervisor/conf.d


If set to true, enables http interface for monitoring and managing child

default value: false


Set to true to delay service startup until connection to TCP port 2048 is
received. This is useful if service can be started up only after certain init
tasks have completed. Startup can be triggered with a simple command:

    netcat container_hostname 2048

If set to false, service will start immediately.

default value: false


Inherited features are described in parent readme

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