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BBDD for Zabbix
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Zabbix DB - MariaDB 10.0

This is a MariaDB 10.0 Docker zabbix/zabbix-db-mariadb
image. Built on top of official centos:centos7
image. Inspired by Tutum's
tutum/mariadb image.

Note: be aware that, by default MariaDB in this container is configured to use
1GB memory (innodb_buffer_pool_size in
tuning.cnf). If you try to run it on
node with less memory, it will fail.


Run the image as daemon and bind it to port 3306:

    docker run \
        -d \
        --name zabbix-db \
        -p 3306:3306 \
        --env="MARIADB_USER=username" \
        --env="MARIADB_PASS=my_password" \
        --env="DB_innodb_buffer_pool_size=768M" \

Environmental variables

You can use environmental variables to config MariaDB. Available variables:

Variable Default value
DB_max_allowed_packet 64M
DB_open_files_limit 4096
DB_max_connections 300
DB_query_cache_size 0
DB_query_cache_type 0
DB_sync_binlog 0
DB_innodb_buffer_pool_size 768M
DB_innodb_log_file_size 128M
DB_innodb_flush_method O_DIRECT
DB_innodb_old_blocks_time 1000
DB_innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit 0

Configuration from volume

Full config files can be also used. Environment configs will be overriden by
values from config files in this case. You need only to add
/etc/custom-config/ volume:

-v /host/custom-config/:/etc/custom-config/

Available files:

File Description
mariadb-tuning.cnf MariaDB configuration file

The first time that you run your container, a new user admin with all privileges
will be created in MariaDB with a random password. To get the password, check
the logs of the container by running:
docker logs <CONTAINER_ID>

You will see an output like the following:

    You can now connect to this MariaDB Server using:

        mysql -uadmin -pCoFlnc3ZBS58 -h<host>

    Please remember to change the above password as soon as possible!       
    MariaDB user 'root' has no password but only allows local connections

In this case, CoFlnc3ZBS58 is the password generated for the admin user.

Custom Password for user admin

If you want to use a preset password instead of a random generated one, you can
set the environment variable MARIADB_PASS to your specific password when
running the container:

docker run -d -p 3306:3306 -e MARIADB_PASS="mypass" nfqsolutions/zabbix-db-mariadb

Mounting the database file volume from other containers

One way to persist the database data is to store database files in another
container. To do so, first create a container that holds database files:

docker run -d -v /var/lib/mysql --name db-data busybox:latest

This will create a new container and use its folder /var/lib/mysql to store
MariaDB database files. You can specify any name of the container by using
--name option, which will be used in next step.

After this you can start your MariaDB image using volumes in the container
created above (put the name of container in --volumes-from).

docker run -d --volumes-from db-data -p 3306:3306 nfqsolutions/zabbix-db-mariadb

Docker Pull Command