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NGINX Unit is a dynamic web and application server designed to run applications in various languages
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NGINX Unit supports applications written in PHP, Python, Go, Perl, and Ruby.

The following tags are available for the current version:

  • 1.3-full - includes the modules for all supported languages. If you are unsure which languages you will want to use, use this container.
  • 1.3-minimal - does not include modules and interpreters for any languages.
  • 1.3-perl5.24 - can run Perl applications.
  • 1.3-php7.0 - can run PHP scripts.
  • 1.3-python2.7 and 1.3-python3.5 - can run Python applications.
  • 1.3-ruby2.3 - can run Ruby applications.
  • 1.3-go1.7-dev and 1.3-go1.8-dev - include the development tools for Go, and can compile Go apps with the appropriate nginx/unit packages.

All unit containers can run Go apps, compiled by an appropriate unit-go-dev container.

The :latest tag (used by default) links to the -full container for the newest version of NGINX Unit

Unit documentation is available here:

All dockerfiles are available here:

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