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Jetty Docker Container

This docker image contains OpenJDK 8 with Jetty 9.3.0 (build 2015-06-12).


To serve your web application, simply mount a volume at /opt/jetty/webapps. By default, the container will start jetty with java -jar start.jar jetty.home=/opt/jetty, where the WORKDIR is /opt/jetty. For example:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -v /path/to/dir:/opt/jetty/webapps niaquinto/jetty

This will start an instance of Jetty serving your WARs out of /path/to/dir on the host. Alternatively, you can (and should!) use a data-only container and --link data-container-name:data.

You'll likely also want to either use a context.xml file to set the context path to your app, or name your WAR root.war to find you app at /

Note: If you're using this for just a quick test, or local development, my other image (niaquinto/docker-gradle on GitHub / docker pull niaquinto/gradle from the registry) may better suit your needs. You can launch a Jetty instance by including apply plugin: 'jetty' in your build.gradle and running gradle jettyRun.

Get the Image

To build this image yourself, run...

docker build

Or, you can pull the image from the central docker repository by using...

docker pull niaquinto/jetty
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