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Short Description
Maven Container to Facilitate Developing Java Projects
Full Description

Maven Executable Container

This docker image includes OpenJDK 8 and Maven 3.0.5 configured with Maven as the entrypoint.


By defaut, running this image without any command will run maven -version in the /app directory.

Doing Something Actually Useful

To run something more interesting, say maven clean install, you should mount your project root in /app. For example, you can run the following:

docker run --rm -v /path/to/your/project:/app:rw niaquinto/maven clean install

Changing the Default Behavior

Say you want maven package to run if you launch the container without any options. To do that, just make a new dockerfile like the following. Also, while your at it, you should change the user to match your development environment (so that running the container doesn't keep chown'ing your /build directory to root).

# Use this image as a base
FROM niaquinto/maven
MAINTAINER your-name <>

# In case someone loses the Dockerfile
RUN rm -rf /etc/Dockerfile
ADD Dockerfile /etc/Dockerfile

# Get /app out of the way
RUN rm -rf /app

# Add your desired user and group
RUN groupadd your-group-name
RUN useradd -s /bin/bash -m -d /app -g your-group-name your-user-name

# Set your desired user as default
USER your-user-name

# Set your default behavior
ENTRYPOINT ["maven"]
CMD ["install"]

Get the Image

To build this image yourself, run...

docker build

Or, you can pull the image from the central docker repository by using...

docker pull niaquinto/maven
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