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Mimir, an environment for semantic content production

This is a component part of the knowledge base quality standards project

To develop against Mimir -

Due to inotify being a linux/gnu file system monitoring tool, if you are on OSX or Windows,
you should develop against this inside of nice/ld-docker-build.

To do this follow the below -

Navigate to your clone of ld-docker-build.

docker build -t mimir/build .

Navigate to your clone of ld-mimir

docker rm build; docker run -i -t --name build -p 8334:80 -p 8335:8335 -v $(pwd)/src/owldin:/src/owldin -v $(pwd)/src/owldin:/tmp -v $(pwd)/../ld-content:/git mimir/build

You can now shell into the mimir/build container by running the following -

docker exec -it build bash and navigate to /src/owldin/

Export the following Env variables

export PROJECT_DIR="/git"
export MIMIR_PORT=80

export ARTIFACTS_DIR="/artifacts"
export CONTENT_DIR="/git"
export DBNAME="nice"
export ES_INDEX_NAME="kb"

and then run ./

Uses components:

  • git2prov (git to RDF provenance generator)
  • freya (HTML and document generation, semantic annotation extractor)
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