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Windows container with Jekyll (based on Ruby)
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Code for this image with Jekyll is here


Base container for building and testing Jekyll based sites


There several ways to use this container.

Integrate your site

Create a derived image and add your site source to the image:

FROM nicholasdille/jekyll

ADD _drafts   /site/_drafts
ADD _includes /site/_includes
ADD _layouts  /site/_layouts
ADD _posts    /site/_posts
ADD media     /site/media
ADD _config.yml 404.html index.html sitemap.xml /site/

After building your image, you can build and test your site:

docker run -dp 80:80 jekyll-site

Serve your site from a git repository

Alternatively, you can provide an environment variable called GIT_URL to point to a git repository. The entrypoint will pull the site from the specified repository and build it:

docker run -dp 80:80 -e GIT_URL= nicholasdille/jekyll

Note that I have removed all images from this repository because I do not actively maintain them. Please refer to the above link for the code.

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