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Version of Ruby with docker-compose installed for running Minke builds.
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How to build - Pure Docker

Whilst having ruby installed on your dev machine can be handy there is no requirement to install this or any other dependency than Docker. You can use the simple bash script which starts a Ruby docker container to run the build and test script, because this maps a reference to the docker sock on your local machine any commands to start docker container from within the ruby container will be proxied to your local machine, a docker server is not running inside the Ruby container.

NOTE: Beta version of docker for mac, additional step

If you use Docker for Mac then the ip address for your docker host will appear to be, you can not use this ip to resolve resources when inside a container as localhost is a different localhost. To get around this alias localhost on your mac to a different ip address and then reference this as your docker host in the build script.

$ sudo ifconfig lo0 alias # then use like $ ./ build_image -i

Step 1: Build a Docker image

$ ./ build_image -i # Where is the ip address of your docker host

Step 2: Run the functional tests

$ ./ cucumber -i # Where is the ip address of your docker host

How to build - With Ruby installed


$ cd _build
$ bundle

Build a Docker image

$ rake app:build_image

Run the functional tests

$ rake app:cucumber

For more build options please see the minke documentation


A little blog post I wrote on this subject:

Minke (updated docs coming real soon):



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