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Flexget Server Docker Container

Flexget Configuration

The configuration files for flexget are to be referenced by a systemD template, it assumes that the systemD unit is named the same as the configuration file.


  • /config # This is where the flexget configuration YML should be mapped
  • /watch # This is where the torrent files will be placed upon retrieval

SystemD unit template

Specifier Usage
%i Used to name the docker instance <br /> Used to specify the configuraiton file used for this instance of Flexget <br /> Used to specify where the torrents are placed
%u Used to name the docker instance <br /> Used to specify the the $HOMEDIR of the user where the configuraiton files are stored <br /> Used to specify the user who will run the container

Symlink example

ln -s /etc/systemd/system/ /opt/git/docker-flexget/flexget@.service

Build from Dockerfile

git clone
docker build -t flexget $PWD/docker-flexget/.

Example Usage

docker run -v /home/%u/flexget:/config -v /home/%u/watch/%i:/watch --env="flexgetConfig=/config/%i.yml" --name="%u-%i-flexget" nicholasvmoore/docker-flexget

Important Folders
/config /home/%u/git/%u-flexget
/watch /home/%u/watch/%instance
tfs /watch/tfs/tordir

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