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Plex fully functional within Docker
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Plex Media Server Docker Container

Plex Configuration

You will need to modify the auto-generated config file to allow connections from your local IP range. This can be done by modifying the file: your_config_location/Library/Application/Plex Media Server/Preferences.xml and adding allowedNetworks="" as a parameter in the section.

Browse to: http://*ipaddress*:32400/web to run through the setup wizard.

Android Clients

If you wish to connect to the plex using an android client. You can go into the settings of your client and configure a manual connection for the IP address of your docker host. In the future I may be able to get avahi working but this works for now.

Build from Dockerfile
docker build -t plex $PWD/docker-plex/.

Example Usage

docker run -d -v /mnt/lun0/media:/media:ro -v /mnt/lun0/software/docker/plex:/var/lib/plexmdiaserver/:rw -p 32400:32400 plex
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