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Short Description
This is a quick setup to easily link your SmartThings devices to HomeKit via HomeBridge!
Full Description

Homebridge SmartThings on Docker

  1. Before this will be useful you will need to read and follow the steps in the below article. Be sure to place the config.json file in my-docker-directory/config/config.json. You only need to do the SmartThings API installation and config.json example part.

Setup Homebridge Smartthings

Once you have that, the rest is cheesecake.

  1. Let's make this really simple, and use a docker-compose file. Place this in docker-compose.yml inside of your my-docker-directory folder.
  image: nickartman/homebridge-smartthings
  # build: ./ # Use this if you want to clone my repo and do your own thing
  restart: always
    - "51826:51826"
    - ./config:/root/.homebridge
  net: "host"
  1. Now, you simply need to run: docker-compose up -d while inside that directory and you are off to the races! You will see the device appear on your homekit network and you can now do the happy dance

Example Config

Here is what my config looks like (modified to preserve security of course):

    "description": "JSON API",
    "platforms": [
            "platform": "SmartThings",
            "name": "SmartThings",
            "app_url": "",
            "app_id": "0000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000000",
            "access_token": "0000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000000"

    "bridge": {
        "name": "Homebridge",
        "username": "AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF",
        "port": 51826,
        "pin": "000-00-000"


You will get that right out of the SmartThings tutorial I posted above. Don't even try to come up with that yourself!

Enabled Plugins

  • homebridge-philipshue
  • homebridge-ninjablock-temperature
  • homebridge-ninjablock-humidity
  • homebridge-ninjablock-alarmstatedevice
  • homebridge-luxtronik2
  • homebridge-mqttswitch
  • homebridge-edomoticz
  • homebridge-synology
  • homebridge-smartthings
  • homebridge-tesla
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