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Ubumirror is the tool for mirroring Ubuntu package repositories and CD images.
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This allows you to use Ubuntu's mirroring tools inside a Docker container.

Note: Running any of the commands here will cause a lot of data transfer.


Each mirror is likely to have different requirements, and so it's assumed
you're likely to build your own image and customise the provided configuration
file. If you modify the configuration file as desired, it'll be imported into
the image during the build process.

However, by default it's configured to fetch i386, amd64 images and to use
the default directories (internally, you'll need to mount a data volume).

By default, all output is written to log files. This is output to use logs in
the current working directory, you'll want to tail those (tail -f logs/filename.log).


Building is pretty standard:

docker build -t nickcharlton/ubumirror .


As an example, using the uburelease command:

docker run \
    -v $(pwd)/releases:/srv/mirror/ubuntu-releases \
    -v $(pwd)/logs:/var/log/ubumirror \
    -t nickcharlton/ubumirror /usr/bin/uburelease

You'll want to adjust the mounted volumes according to where the data should be
output to, probably a different one per tool. Check the config file for the
assumed mount point.


Copyright (c) 2015 Nick Charlton. MIT Licensed.

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