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A Dockerfile for Apache ActiveMQ


ActiveMQ version - 5.9.0

Boilerplate Stuff

  • Based on Ubuntu 14.04
  • Will automatically update and upgrade Linux packages

Dockerfile Build Application Specifics

  • Automatically installs the following:
    • curl
    • default Java JRE
  • Pulls ActiveMQ version 5.9.0 from the Apache download archive
  • Exposes the default ports for:
    • ActiveMQ web front end - 8161
    • OpenWire transport listener - 61616
    • AMPQ transport listener - 5672
    • STOMP transport listener - 61613
    • MQTT transport listener - 1883
    • WS transport listener - 61614
  • Creates a volume to the default configuration directory so the user
    can mount his/her own configuration directory. Default configuration
    files from Apache are included in this repository


Building the image

To build the image from the Dockerfile

sudo docker build -t nickmich/activemq:5.9.0 .

Starting the container

  • Use the following to run the minimum for AMQ. Update the port mappings as needed for the transport listeners.
    sudo docker run -d --name amq -p 8161:8161 -v $PWD/conf:/opt/apache/activemq/apache-activemq-5.9.0/conf nickmich/activemq:5.9.0

    Kicking the tires

  • To verify the container is up and running normally:
    sudo docker ps
    and confirm that your container shows up
  • To verify AMQ is running:
    sudo docker inspect <container name>
    and search for IP address of the container (or just use localhost).
  • In your browser, navigate to : < ip-address >:8161/admin and confirm you can login
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