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Provides SSH passage to Docker container based on the ssh username.


  • Plugins for 2 factor authentication


Create a private key in the same directory as the passage executable:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Note: Ensure you do not overwrite your existing ssh keys.


Run this proxy on port 22:


Run on proxy on port 2200:

passage -listen=2200

Here are the remaining arguments:

Arguments Default Description
listen 22 Listen for ssh connections on the this port
endpoint unix:///var/run/docker.sock The Docker API endpoint eg. tcp://localhost:2375
host The IP or DNS of the host exposing ports
ports 22 The ports you wish to connect to via ssh
private ./id_rsa The private key used by the server to handle connections to this server
authorized ./authorized_keys A file containing all the authorized keys
upstreamUser root The user to connect to inside the Docker container
variable SSH_IDENTIFIER The Docker environment variable used to identify the correct container
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