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Intelligent Systems for Digital Archiving, Analysis and Documentation of Multimedia Content
Full Description

Audio-driven, similarity-based Speech/Music discrimination of multimedia content using supervised learning

Supported OS

  • OS X
  • Linux



The -v host-machine-directory-or-file:container-directory-or-file docker parameter used in the following commands allows to mount a directory from the host machine to the docker container in order to be able to process its contents and return the generated results back to the host machine.


Use the following format:

docker run --rm -v /abs/path/to/input/dir:/abs/path/to/input/dir nicktgr15/speech-music-discriminatior python /opt/speech-music-discrimination/ --input-file /abs/path/to/input/file

The results will become available under /abs/path/to/input/dir/annotated-segments.txt.


If the multimedia input file is located under /var/my/data/input.mp4 then the docker command would be:

docker run --rm -v /var/my/data/:/var/my/data/ nicktgr15/speech-music-discriminatior python /opt/speech-music-discrimination/ --input-file /var/my/data/mp4


Cannot attach directories from the host machine

In OS X there is an issue when trying to attach directories outside the /Users dir. For example attaching host's /tmp directory to the container is not possible.

Running out of memory or out of disk space (OS X only)

If the virtualbox VM in which the containers are executed under OS X is running out of resources then you need to remove the existing VM and create a new one with more resources.


docker-machine rm default
docker-machine create --virtualbox-disk-size 40000 -virtualbox-memory 2048 -d virtualbox default
docker-machine ls
docker-machine start default

You may have to set the environment variables for the new VM by running eval "$(docker-machine env default)"

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