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poc server
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Lambda API


Name Value
data Previous data
data.{body,headers,query,method} This fields are available if this is the first message


Name Parameters Action
workflow.split(datas) array Each element passed to workflow.split will start the same workflow at the current step + 1. The data will be hydrated with array item.
workflow.cancel(message) string Cancel the workflow
async apiapi defined in the project string, string, object Make an api call
workflow.external(workflowName, data, cancel = false) string, object, boolean Call an external workflow, if cancel = true, the current workflow is cancelled and the response won't be forwarded to the next steps.


Variable Default Description
RABBITMQ_URL RabbitMQ url (format like amqp://localhost:5672 )
SENTRY_URL Sentry url (https://<key><project>)
EXCHANGE_NAME workflow name where the workflows request will pop
QUEUE_NAME workflow-messages name of the binded queue
WORKFLOW_API_URL http://localhost:8080 workflow api URL
WORKFLOW_API_KEY workflow api key
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