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Docker image for `rdiff-backup` client over ssh. Uses alpine as the base.
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Docker image for rdiff-backup client over ssh. Uses alpine as the base.

Expects a pair of volumes to be mounted:-

  • /config - The config directory containing a set of *.cfg files and a .ssh directory with standard ssh client config. This can/should be mounted read-only
  • /data - Generally where the backups are put

See the configs/example.cfg for an example of the config file, also included below:-

# rdiff-backup config file
# You want one of these config files per backup set you define
# Additionally you probably want a .ssh directory in the /configs
# directory with key(s), ssh_config and known_hosts files
# Base options passed to rdiff-backup
# The include/exclude options used for this backup
## NB we turn off globbing before loading this file...
    --include /var \
    --include /etc \
    --include /srv \
    --include /home \
    --include /root \
    --include /opt \
    --exclude **"
# The source and destinations for the backup
# source is likely to be a remote rdiff spec, could be local
# destination is likely to be a directory under the /data mount
# How long we retain backups for
# end
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