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Docker container for running a Deluge daemon and webgui
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Docker Deluge

Docker container for running a Deluge daemon and web GUI.


Create the image nightfly/deluge by running this is the docker-deluge directory:

docker build --tag=nightfly/deluge



By default all torrent related data is stored in /torrents.
In progress torrents live in /torrents/.in_progress, completed torrents live directly in /torrents/.

Configuration and State

Most configuration data lives in /config.
The default web GUI password of deluge is retained.
Setting changes won't persist across instances.

Deluge state information is redirected to live in /torrents/.state,
so information about current running torrents should persist across instances.
This might not be desirable for every use case.

Example Usage

The default password of deluge is not really secure.
The intended usage is to only expose the web port to localhost,
so that only people who have shell access to the host machine can SSH forward the relevant port to their local machine

$ docker run -d --name deluge -v /torrents:/torrents -u 1000 -p nightfly/deluge

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