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Short Description
A docker container for running Minecraft Overviwer
Full Description

Docker Minecraft Overviewer

Base image for rendering a Minecraft world with Minecraft Overviewer.


Create the image nightfly/minecraft-overviewer by running this is the docker-minecraft-overviewer directory:
docker build --tag=nightfly/minecraft-overviewer


Config file

By default the config file from assets/app/ is run at /app/
If you wanna customize the render options you should mount your own config file over /app/

Default world and render directory (required)

By default the world is rendered from /app/world to /app/render.

Texturepath (required)

The texturepath is where Minecraft Overviewer sources textures to render the map with.
By default the texture path is set to /app/ but there is nothing at this location.
You must either supply a texture pack or minecraft client jar file in a derived image or mount one at this location.

Example Usage

$ docker run --rm -v $HOME/.minecraft/saves/world:/app/world -v $HOME/render:/app/render -v $HOME/versions/1.7.10/1.7.10.jar:/app/ -u 1000 nightfly/minecraft-overviewer

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