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Short Description
A Travis CI CLI tool that returns basic builds stats for a Travis enabled GitHub public repository.
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travis-builds-reporter is a set of Travis CI CLI tools that makes easy to fetch basic builds statistics for a Travis enabled public repository.

What's in here? :sparkles:

This is a monorepo containing the single packages for the tools. To achieve this result, the project proudly uses lerna.

So... I imagine you have questions...

  • Where is the code?
    You can find the code inside the packages directory. Inside it there will be the single packages you need.

  • What's in there?
    This is the list of the single packages which makes this (useful hopefully... :wink:) tool:

    • travis-builds-reporter-core is the core package of the utility: its goal is to let users configure an axios instance and use it to retrieve builds from Travis CI.
    • travis-builds-reporter-utils is a utility package that offers basic statistics over a builds list (like # of successful builds, etc.). <br/>Note: this package could potentially work with other providers if they provide a similar interface.
    • travis-builds-reporter-cli is a Command Line Interface that allows users to have basic stats of a public Travis CI repository.

What do you need? :wrench:

You can run this tool in 2 ways:

  • using docker (check official site to get help with Docker's installation):
    1. docker run -it nikgatto/travis-builds-reporter
  • building from source, which requires Node JS (check Node.js for instructions on how to install it):
    1. git clone
    2. cd travis-builds-reporter/
    3. npm i && npm start

Node.js 7 is the default target

Show me some output... :eyeglasses:

Using the docker version with the following input parameter:

  • repositoryName: niktekusho/travis-builds-reporter

gives the following output:

This tool returns basic builds statistics for a Travis enabled PUBLIC-ONLY
repositoryName:  niktekusho/travis-builds-reporter
Fetching builds...
Total builds count: 107
Successful builds count: 101
Canceled builds count: 1
Failed builds count: 3
Errored builds count: 2
Successful builds rate: 94.39%
Average builds duration: 79.45 s
Minimum builds duration: 18 s
Maximum builds duration: 197 s

Related projects :link:

Checkout travis-builds-reporter-web for a browser interface of this utility.

Honorable mentions :bow:

Thanks to:

  • @tommaso1 for helping with documentations and stuff :clap:

What's next? :rocket:

To do:

  • CLI misses README
  • CLI should be installable using npm i -g travis-builds-reporter-cli and should be available using travis-cli -r ...
  • Improve script fault-tolerance (including better error-logging)
  • Improve this document...
    update 26/07/2017: I'm feeling pretty good about this now, if you think there's something missing or that can be improved, please open an issue
  • Add some tests... (some are actually here)
  • Give more options like:
    • passing arguments to the scripts (done)
    • possibility to save the output to a JSON file
  • What else? (cit.)
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