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Sometimes when running container share mounted volumes thera are permission problems because the files are owned by different UIDs in different containers.

This container is a quickfix to watch paths for permision changes and try to fix them by setting 777 permissions on all files

Sample docker run

docker run \
    -d \
    --name=permission-fixer \
    -e PERMISSION=776 \
    -e LOG_ALL_TO_CONSOLE=true \
    -v /etc/dockercontainers/nginx:/watchdir/nginixconfig \


Set one or many volumes to watch by munting them in /watchdir/

-v /first/directory/to/watch":/watchdir/mountname

-v /second/directory/to/watch":/watchdir/anothermountname

Everything has to be mounted in the root of /watchdir/ you can not make a long path beneath it

(it will watch and fix the mounts recursively though)

Set the permission to be enforced

-e PERMISSION=[any chmod permission (777 is default)]

Set logging parameters

By default it will log to the console of the container for easy acces via : docker logs [containername]

-e LOG_ERROR_TO_CONSOLE=[true(default)|false]

-e LOG_ALL_TO_CONSOLE=[true|false(default)]

You can also log to a file if you want

-e LOG_ERROR_TO_FILE=[true|false(default)]

-e LOG_ALL_TO_FILE=[true|false(default)]

The files can be mounted

-v "/my/permissionfix.log":/logdir/permissionfix.log

-v "/my/permissionfixerror.log":/logdir/permissionfixerror.log

Or you can mount the logdirectory to get both logs

-v /my/logdirectory":/logdir

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