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Autobuild repository for niklasskoldmark/docker-rancid-git

Builds a image of rancid-git/ which is based on RANCID

Run it like this:

docker run --name rancid-gittest niklasskoldmark/rancid-gittest


-v /your/rancid-git/home/configs:/root/configs
Should contain your configuration file : sample, doc
-v /your/rancid-git/home/secrets:/root/secrets
Should contain your cloginrc file doc
*-v /your/rancid-git/home/data:/var/lib/rancid/data
Rancids data dir will be placed here
(Replace /your/rancid-git/home with the directory you want to store your data in)

Optional Volumes

-v /your/rancid-git/home/logs:/var/lib/rancid/logs
For logs
-v /your/rancid-git/home/tmp:/var/lib/rancid/tmp
For temp

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