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Fork of Nick Stenning docker-slapd :

Add support of tls.

How to use tls

Add -v some/host/dir:/etc/ldap/ssl and --dns= to the run command.

some/host/dir must contain a least 3 files :

  • ca.crt certificate authority certificate
  • ldap.crt ldap server certificate
  • ldap.key ldap server certificate private key

and optionaly dhparam.pem this file is genereted automaticaly if not present.

--dns= allow to use the certificate cn correctly.


docker run --dns= \
           -v /data/ldap/db:/var/lib/ldap \
           -v /data/ldap/config:/etc/ldap/slapd.d \
           -v /data/ldap/ssl/:/etc/ldap/ssl \
           -v /data/ldap/log/:/var/log \
           -e \
           -e LDAP_ORGANISATION="Example Corp." \
           -e LDAP_ADMIN_PWD=toor \
           -p 389:389 -d osixia/openldap
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