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don't break the chain - commit to open source everyday


  • Track a user's commit streak
  • Remind users if time's running out on their streak
  • Watch all major public git hosting services

Stretch goals

  • API
  • containerized deployment
  • suggest projects to work on
  • recommend what to work on next based on favorites
  • merit badges
  • ask for help on your open source project


With Vagrant

vagrant up
vagrant ssh

cd streakers
goop exec go run server.go

Connecting to local postgres db

psql -U streaker -h -d streaker_development

Without Vagrant

Make sure your GOPATH is set. Perhaps just use one GOPATH

Install dependencies:

  • Git, Mercurial
  • Install go dependencies:

go get
goop install


goop exec go run server.go

load up localhost:3000

If you have your path setup right you can use one of these live reload packages:

Use Gin and Fresh


Go Bootcamp Book

Programming in Go

Resources for new Go programmers

Go Project Structure For Rubyists

Effective Go

Learn X in Y minutes Where X=Go

Go by Example


Docker Pull Command
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