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IPython notebook with FriCAS wrapper kernel.
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Quick start

docker run -d -p 443:8888 -e "PASSWORD=MakeOne" nilqed/ifricas /

Then (for instance) point your browser to https://localhost and login with the password set above. If you want to use http instead then add -e "USE_HTTP=1" to the run command.

A convenient way to use the notebook might be to name the container (otherwise you have to use the id, e.g. from docker ps -a):

$ docker run --name myContainer <as above ...>

such that it can be stopped and started by:

$ docker stop myContainer
$ docker start myContainer

then the saved notebooks persist. Note that newly created containers do not
contain your saved notebooks unless you do a commit.

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  • Jupyter 3.2.1
  • Fricas 1.2.6
  • fricas_kernel 0.4

Other commands

FriCAS ... docker run -t -i nilqed/ifricas fricas -nox
Bash ... docker run -t -i nilqed/ifricas /bin/bash
Cheat sheet ...

Docker Pull Command