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Builds a Docker container with golang on ubuntu with working init process and syslog
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lang Dockerfile

Docker container with GO programming language with different versions ontop of Ubuntu 14.04

Based on with working init process and syslog. For more information on how to set upp services, please read the dockumentation for nimmis/ubuntu


This continer should normaly run as a daemon i.e with the -d flag attached

docker run -d nimmis/golang

Accessing the container with a bash shell can be done with

docker exec -ti <container ID> /bin/bash


This image contains version 1.2.2 to the latest version (atm 1.9.1), the versions are nimmis/golang:<tag> where tag is

Tag Alpine version size
latest this gives the latest version (atm 1.9.1)
1.9.1 this is the 1.9.1 version
1.9 this is the 1.9 version
1.8.4 this is the 1.8.4 version
1.8.1 this is the 1.8.1 version
1.8 this is the 1.8 version
1.7.5 this is the 1.7.5 version
1.7.3 this is the 1.7.3 version
1.7.1 this is the 1.7.1 version
1.7 this is the 1.7 version
1.6.3 this is the 1.6.3 version
1.6.2 this is the 1.6.2 version
1.6 this is the 1.6 version
1.5.3 this is the 1.5.3 version
1.5 this is the 1.5 version
1.4.2 this is the the 1.4.2 version
1.4.1 this is the the 1.4.1 version
1.4 this is the the 1.4 version
1.3.3 this is the the 1.3.3 version
1.3 this is the the 1.3 version
1.2.2 this is the the 1.2.2 version
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