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This is a docker image of ICEcoder web editor on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Apache2
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ICEcoder web editor

This is a docker image of ICEcoder web editor on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Apache2

Very flexible multlaguage syntax,very good as root container for web-project containers

The editor can be accessed as http://<hostip>:<port>/icecoder/

You can access /var/www/html (the root of the webserver) and everything below, this can be configured inside the editor.

Editor features

For full information and manual, please visit the website

Basic features

  • Context aware code highlighting
  • Desktop like file manager
  • Document tabs indicate current doc & changes made
  • Code folding
  • Browser based, can run online or offline

Language Support

  • HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python & many more!
  • Easy to support over 60 other languages

Useful Feedback

  • Found match & current position counter
  • Indicates content type cursor is on
  • Displays nest position of text cursor, hover to select, click to set cursor
  • Nest structure OK/broken indicator
  • Colour preview block on CSS colours, ie red, #f00 or RGBA(255,0,0,0.5)
  • Live bug reporting system

Time Savers

  • Live editing
  • Multiple selections
  • Smart tab key system (selected lines are auto-indented)
  • Open last files on load
  • Code Assist system
  • Adds end tags as you type and in a context aware way
  • Diff pane with insert, changed and removed lines highlighted
  • Autocloses brackets and quotes as you type
  • ESC = Comment/Uncomment line, incl partial lines
  • HTML & JavaScript code hinting
  • Tag wrappers
  • File uploader, plus supports multiple files
  • Jump to definition shortcut


  • Account login to help keep online files secure
  • Multi domain config settings
  • Restrict files, ban files and restrict by IP
  • Multi user, dev and demo modes


  • Settings to change behaviour, functionality & style
  • Control multiple users and registration
  • Plugin manager
  • Template based config files
  • Add your own custom processes

Groundbreaking Features

  • Find & replace builder to apply to current doc, open docs, files & filenames
  • Highlight word and press CTRL+I to Google search that
  • DOM element highlighting with the Pestcide plugin
  • Can rename open files (whoaah!)
  • CTRL+Enter open current webpage in new tab
  • MySQL Database management via Adminer plugin
  • Sass and LESS compiling on save plugins
  • Github integration to clone, pull, commit & sync repos
  • Linux terminal plugin
  • Image viewer with hex & RGB eyedropper
  • Alphanumeric tab sorting
  • Farbtastic color picker integrated
  • Open remote file content

Running a docker image

To start the image listening on external port 8080 execute

docker run -d -p 8080:80 nimmis/icecoder

please remeber to use the -d flag to make it run in the background, to access a running container, use

docker exec -t <container id> /bin/bash


Aug 22, 2015, updated to ICEcoder 5.0

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